Transition to a near-perfect GPG key pair

GPG keys are super useful, but as of December 2021, I need to change mine, to reach the recommendations for GPG key pairs. This blog post will explain what is a GPG key, why it is useful, why I need to change it and how I did that in the most preferable way.

Table of Contents

What is a GPG key why is it useful and why do I need to change it ?

Practical transition

Clean the GnuPG installation

gpg –export -a > all_publickeys gpgconf –kill gpg-agent mv .gnupg .gnupg_old mkdir .gnupg chmod 700 .gnupg

cd .gnupg vim dirmngr.conf nanoy@azilis  ~/.gnupg  cat dirmngr.conf keyserver hkps://

vim gpg-agent.conf nanoy@azilis  ~/.gnupg  cat gpg-agent.conf default-cache-ttl 600 pinentry-program /usr/bin/pinentry-gnome3 default-cache-ttl-ssh 600

vim gpg.conf

Create the master key pair

Disconnect computer from the internet

Create subkeys

Splitting the master keys and subkeys

Transition statement

Wrap up

Further reading and references

Yoann Piétri
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